The 428 Northampton

Revitalization Project


Originally constructed in the 1870’s by David Pyatt to house his crockery business, 428 Northampton was reborn in 2019 as a 6 unit, high end, luxury complex featuring original wood floors and brick,  with exposed beams, high ceilings and all new tall double paned windows.

The center of the building has an outdoor landscaped exposed courtyard with access for all of the units.  The interior of the building has extensive soundproofing added throughout the walls and floors.  A visual intercom system provides added security.

Apartment amenities include kitchens with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances,  a washer/dryer in each unit , and nearby access to off street parking,  just to name a few.

Our Apartments

Apartment 1 (Leased)

 (See Pics)

2 Bedroom;  2.5 Bath;  100+ Sq ft outdoor patio.
1410 Sq Ft.

Apartment 2A (Leased)

 (See Pics)

2 Bedroom;  2.5 Bath;  Courtyard view with outside deck
825 Sq Ft.

Apartment 2B (Leased)

 (See Pics)

2 Bedroom;  1 Bath;  View of Northampton Street
800+ Sq Ft.

Apartment 3 (Leased)

 (See Pics)

2 Bedroom;  1 Bath;
800+ Sq Ft.

Apartment 1P (Leased)

 (See Pics)

1 Bedroom;  1 Bath;  100+ sq ft outdoor patio.
700 Sq Ft.

Apartment 2P (Leased)

 (See Pics)

3 Bedroom;  1.5 Bath;  2 Floors; 200+ Sq ft outdoor deck
1600+ Sq Ft.

How to Reach Us:

428 Northampton LLC.

C/O Virtus Group
221 Witherspoon St # 201
Princeton, NJ


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